Tuesday, February 06, 2007

We are what we eat

True artists in the kitchen know that presentation is almost as important as the food itself. My blogger friend Hayden is just such an artist. I was inspired by her last post. It was simply a description of her breakfast: kale and mustard greens sauteed w/ onion and garlic, 2 egg omelet w/maitake mushrooms, garnished with ikura (salmon caviar) and radish sprouts.

Her breakfast presentation was such a work of art I offered to do what I do to all major works of art -- Photoshop my face on it. Shandi egged me on, too (egged me on, get it...ha, ha). I call it Baccus of Kale and Mustard Greens.

I think it is very tasteful.


Whitesnake said...

We are what we eat huh?

Hmmmm Makes me a happy little vegiemite!

Whitesnake said...

Or if liquid then a beer.

Naughti Biscotti said...

OH MY GOD!!!! There's never been a challenge you didn't live up to. I'm so VERY impressed. It's a very cool image to boot.

Hayden said...

I'm HOWLING with laughter, tim! The concept frightened me... could NOT imagine it and it sounded ominous .... but a classic Green Man! I never imagined that. Absolutely brilliant.

Time said...

Hayden has good taste in China.

Fortunately, Vegiemite has never caught on in the USA. Beer, however, has.

It's all in the digital wrist, thanks :)

Hayden, You need to trust me. I work for a government agency. Someday I may even tell the story of the Zamboni, too.

anna said...

Will you ever use an image of your smiling face? I'd like to see you looking a little happier and goofier.

Footpad said...

I guess the yolk's on you!

I'll never look at a salad the same way again!

(And me on the South Beach diet, too. *Sigh*)

-- f

Time said...

Anna, I am smiling. You should see it when I scowl :)

FP, Congratulations, you have sunk to my level with puns. My work here is done.