Thursday, June 28, 2007

More dreams

Since my last dream post was so popular, I thought everyone would be fascinated to hear about the dream I had last night. I was in a room with lots of people where we had to take our shoes off. We were lying on the floor listening to some speaker. Suddenly we all jumped up to go to a restaurant. Everyone left but me. I was trying to find my shoes. Then, as it often happens in dreams, the room was filled with shoes, mainly athletic shoes. I was desperately trying to find a pair that fit. Then boots started appearing. I fancied a pair. I used to wear cowboy boots when I was less than middle aged. My arches can’t quite deal with them anymore. Anyway, I kept grabbing pair of boots hoping to find a men’s size 10, extra wide, but all I could find were these thigh highs like the cross dressers wore in the movie Kinky Boots (a film about a respected British shoe manufacturer that saved itself from bankruptcy by cranking out a line of boots for transvestites and female impersonators). I didn’t want thigh high cross dresser boots. By that time I just wanted to go to dinner. Then I woke up and the cat was sitting near my head staring at me.

That’s it.

I don’t want to hear anymore Freudian interpretations, thank you.
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