Monday, April 28, 2008

Gary Busey is a whack job

I think I am stating the obvious about Gary Busey along with the disclaimer that I have never met Gary Busey. And it is probably not fair to judge someone based on lots of video clips of them babbling incoherently on television while hopping around in a straightjacket, but I think it is a pretty good sign that all of that good ol' boys dogs ain't barking.

I have never really paid much attention to Gary Busey. I am sure he would say the same thing about me. I was just watching some stupid gossip television program like Inside Edition while I was picking up EM's  toys. They were showing the usual stupid teaser clips about hairless cats and chimps who won the lotto. And then they flash to a clip of Gary Busey in a straightjacket screaming, "Let me out of this thing."

Okay, I have seen Busey guest starring on episodes of Entourage acting freaky and I'd briefly paid attention to the bizarre shots of him at the Oscars bursting into a Jennifer Garner interview and kissing her on the neck. But I assumed the straightjacket was just a publicity stunt for something. And it sort of was. He was doing a photoshoot for a book called the Dirty Side of Glamour. The proceeds are supposed to benefit Katrina victims. Something tells me that Busey wasn't really acting though.

Okay, the dude was in a motorcycle accident in 1998 where he wasn't wearing a helmet. So I suppose we can forgive him being a whack job and believing he channels Buddy Holly. But I don't think he deserves to be a celebrity. I get enough of this kind of bizarre shit on the streets of Seattle. I don't need to see this squirrel bait threatening to rip out someone’s endocrine system if they make him wear a straightjacket (which he puts on five minutes later).

I imagine this could all be an act like big time wrestling, but if it is then Gary Busey is a pretty pitiful whack job. And it is a pretty sad statement about our society that watching a raving looney in a straightjacket has become primetime entertainment.

But watching a Star Wars themed Deal or No Deal...well, that's entertainment.


Karen said...

He does have a slightly crazed look about him.

Time said...

I think it may be the straightjacket that gives him that look.