Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I surpassed the 700 mark in blog posts a few posts ago. There was no fanfare or confetti. That is the way with blogs. Sometimes they are loud and boisterous. Sometimes they are quiet as a tomb. To survive in them you must be that bug on the windshield that hangs on despite the wipers and the wind.

Blogs are like life. Sometimes you just have to hang on.

I have never really been one of those overly social bloggers. It mirrors my life in that I have never been one of those overly social people. So I have a hard time engaging in the game that requires that you constantly read and comment on other people's blogs in order for them to read and comment on yours. I despise memes, avoid weekly rituals of nearly naked Thursdays and I don't post cartoons or jokes. I don't like lists and I refuse to ever again take part in any experimental blog communities that use the word freedom in vain.

The cheese stands alone. So does the vanilla ice cream cone it seems (inside joke).

But I digress.

I really am shooting for that 1000 post mark in my blog world. I realize there won't be any fireworks or parades for it either. But I do believe there will a little happy dance of my own to celebrate the milestone.


Naughti Biscotti said...

I admire you Tim. The bug analogy was so perfect. I don't know how you do it. Seriously... I just can't seem to come back to it. Paritially for the reasons you mentioned. I can't get into the community. I used to. I really liked the blogs I read, I just couldn't keep up with it all. A new person would come in and initally I was all excited to have the opportunity to get to know someone new... but... then... every new person was a new blog to read and comment on and respond to comments and try to engage in witty banter. I can't maintain a lot of friendships at once, not in the blog world and NOT in the REAL world. Maybe it's a bit selfish, but I just can't take an equal interest in the lives of many people. And apparently, I don't mind that they don't take an interest in me.

I'm still reading yours. I don't comment often, but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate what you've written. I will celebrate with you when you reach 1000. Without a doubt, I will still be here reading every word.

Anonymous said...

I am social, more so in life than blog world mostly because I entertain real people five and six at a time, here things come in ones and its really hard to keep up. But every time I try to give up blogging, I miss the people who's blogs I read. Do you ever check your stats Tim? I bet you'll find there are many people that read your blog and just don't comment.

Time said...

You know I just write these kinds of posts to get you to surface :) I know what you mean about not being able to take an equal interest in the lives of many people. I'm finding this particularily true now that I am a parent. Anyway, if you do start posting again, trust I'll be there too. You are better than reality television any day :)


I'm amazed you juggle as much as you do. I've found that writers, social or not, are observers. Some observe from the inside and some observe from the outside.

I kind of gave up on Web stats. It seems that most people that stumble onto my blog are looking for porn or places to buy mechanical monkeys playing cymbals. But I suppose everyone needs a hook :)