Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Tim Id's Ego

"I think you're all quite strange and egocentric."
--Anonymous comment on Blue in the face

I hate anonymous comments. Let me rephrase that. I hate anonymous negative comments. It's like someone going by with a can of spray paint and tagging your house in the dead of night. You'd like to catch the graffiti artist in the act and tag their ass. Generally the best you can do is clean up the crap.

I don't really mind being called strange. And I can't escape the fact that posting hundreds of photos of your own face (regardless of whether they are pasted on head cheese or whale puke) is a bit self-absorbed. I can accept that. But the anonymous commenter had to come back and explain their anonymous graffiti with the pseudo intellectual babble of a precocious sophomore writing an essay about the evils of obsessive self reflection.

I was chastised that "there are just more important things in life than 'who I am' as opposed to where do I find myself in the grand scheme of things and how can I best benefit my fellow man?"
I shouldn't assume that wondering who we are is "intellectually scintillating."

This is my blog. It is supposed to be about self-reflection or being self absorbed if you prefer. I don't give a rip if it is scintillating. How you could best benefit fellow man is not spewing anonymous comments.

I'm reminded of this kid in my grade school named Craig. Craig was just too intellectual for his own good. He couldn't keep his mouth shut and was always saying things with a vocabulary beyond his classmates. Plus he carried a briefcase around in 5th grade. This was Idaho, mind you. He might as well have just painted a big kick me sign on his back.

Point is that Craig may have been intellectually smart, but he was socially and emotionally a cretin. Even the dweeb kids wanted to kick his ass. I, a relative weenie, wanted to kick his ass. More than once I held him down and shoved grass down his shirt (he claimed to be allergic) while he screamed, "Violence is the last resort of the incompetent." Unlike most of the other 10 year olds, I knew what he meant. It just made me want to shove more grass down his shirt and watch him swell up.

So anonymous, don't barge into some one's blog and quote Descartes in French. Jesus it make me want to shove grass down your shirt and watch you break out.
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