Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Blue in the face

I wonder if any of you would actually recognize me if you saw me in real life outside of my blog. I don't think my face is really very distinctive when it isn't grafted onto a black bear or the Pope. I am one of the people who tend to blend into the scenary and become invisible.

Not that I know what makes a face distinctive other than what the media dictates to us should be distinctive. I suppose a face becomes distinctive once you've seen it many times. Or at least familar. So I suppose my face is distinctive to some.

But still would you recognize me? And if you did, would I be what you expected? Would I match my blog?

When I was in college, I wrote a humor column for the college newspaper -- Healyums (I didn't choose the name, the A&E editor did). Every week at least 4,000 copies of my column were read religiously (it was a Catholic university). On the first day of a Philosophy class I was required to take, the professor was reading the class roster. On hearing my name, a young lady in front of me turned around and asked, "Are you the guy who writes that humor column in the school paper?" I said, yes. She responded, "You don't look funny."

One could take that in many ways. But I think she really just thought I didn't look like person who could was humorous. I suppose that is okay because everyone thinks Bill Cosby and Jerry Lewis look funny, but I understand that in real life they are assholes.

So maybe I look like an asshole, but I'm really funny. Or maybe I'm both.

I guess you can't judge a blogger by his cover.

Oh, I'm not really blue, either.
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