Sunday, May 18, 2008

Recline of civilization

"I sit therefore, I am."
--Tim Id

Everyone should have a chair. More precisely, everyone should have a chair that is pretty much their chair and not subject to free range sitting.

Mine is a leather easy chair with a matching ottoman. Before I was married, my chair was a faux leather recliner. Before that it was a thrift store orange velour recliner that had a tendency to lose parts when you reclined.

I'd say my butt has come up in the world.

My father never really had a chair. He had one end of a sofa. It wasn't even strategically positioned to have the best view of the television. He liked sitting on the sofa, though. He used it to spread out his maps, treasure magazines, books and notebooks that he used to take notes about the lost treasures he hoped to one day find.

He never did. So he might as well have had an easy chair and enjoyed his leisure time in comfort.

My easy chair is positioned in the best position to watch our big screen television and the optimal position to appreciate the surround sound. It is also a great place to sit with my laptop and peck out blog posts when nothing worth watching is on the big screen television (or sometimes when something worth watching is on television).

Actually I'm watching the season finale of Desperate Housewives right now. I'm not sure whether I classify it as worthwhile or not. And did you hear they cancelled Men in Trees? I'm telling you, it was the writer's strike that ruined television as we know it. And now we're heading into the summer with nothing but America's Got Talent, Last Comic Standing and a Nashville version of American Idol hosted by Billy Ray Cyrus.

But I digress.

With television sucking the way it has of late, I may resort to using my favorite chair for...gasp...reading a book.


Lights in the wake said...

The worst part about having my own chair is when company comes over and someone sits in it. It almost makes me feel bad when I have tell them to get the hell out of my chair. Almost.

Time said...

The trick is not having company. Because friends come and friends go, but a chair is forever.

Or something like that.

Just call me the Chairman.

K. said...

I just have to comment on the background. We have the same activity center for the babe, but I'm sorry you have to endure the Elmo attachment (I just remembered dreaming last night we got a cat and it meowed like the cat in the speakers. Sorry. I digress.).

R wants a man-chair. I think that it would make a good father's day gift. Don't tell. (ha) He keeps staring wistfully and saying very quietly, "Man chair. *sigh*"

Time said...

The Elmo attachment is actually an Elmo puppet. EM loves "emmo."

I hope R gets his "man" chair. It would be a great Father's Day gift.