Monday, April 01, 2024

Chicken at a crossroads


You would be amazed at how many people have created designs of why chickens cross roads, or not questioning their motives or telling ducks to not even try.  Which led me to imagining a chicken encountering the devil at the crossroads while it was trying to get to the other side. Then I imagined the devil would be a demonic incarnation of Colonel Sanders. 

Don't think it was easy going round and round with Art AI trying to get a demonic Colonel Sanders. I finally got one close enough and then had to create the string tie with Photoshop. And even after I uploaded it and thought I was done I discover there was an extra "I" in chicken when uploaded it here. So I had to go correct that.

For something that is supposed to be intelligent it has trouble with spelling even when I give it the exact thing to say. 

Despite all of that I am pretty satisfied that I came up with a unique design that stands out.

Not that that seems to matter.

I do wish I could just upload my own photos and tell Art AI to riff on them. For example, I was getting all nostalgic about this bar in Boise called the Ranch Club. It was one of the first places I had a drink in. The bartender was best friends with my high school girlfriends father and I think he gave us free drinks. We didn't really hang out in the bar. It was a restaurant at the time too. 

This is sort of what it looked like. It has since closed and reopened as a Gay bar. They changed the name but left the iconic giant horse on the roof. I Googled it and found an article about why this gay bar in Boise has a giant horse on the roof.  

But I couldn't just create a design that looked like the Ranch Club when I was 19. I had to describe it to Art AI and let it use its artificial imagination to recreate the thing. Not quite what it looked like, but close. I actually like it better. I was pretty lame by the time I started going there in the late 70s. The drinking age in Idaho was 19 at the time so I didn't even need a fake ID.

I seem to recall they served a pretty decent Chicken Fried Steak. Chicken Fried Steaks were always pretty big in Boise. Other than that it was just a dated country bar that had seen better days. I remember ordering crap like sloe gin fizzes and whiskey sours because I hadn't found my drink yet.  Eventually I discovered it was the mixers in these types of drinks that contributed to hangovers. 

Interesting tidbit about the Ranch Club. Clint Eastwood shot scenes there for his movie Bronco Billy. I remember when the movie company was in town. It was rare for anything like that to happen in Boise when I was living there. 

Oh well, happy trails Ranch Club!

My recreation of the Ranch Club naturally made me think of the Buckaroo Tavern that used to be in the Fremont District of Seattle. It was basically Seattle's version of a biker bar. You could never drive by the place without seeing a host of Harley's lined up in front.  I only drank there a couple of times, but I had fond memories of it because a local band called Ranch Romance had a love song about the Buckaroo. Well it was more about someone hooking up at the Buckaroo and cheating on their partner. "He want to do the Buckaroo, She want to do the Buckaroo."

The Buckaroo opened in 1938 and closed in 2010. The coolest thing about it was the neon sign of a bucking bronco outside the tavern.

This is sort of what the sign looked like. At least it is as close as I could get Art AI to recreate it. 

It's good enough for a t-shirt anyway.

Yee ha!

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