Tuesday, April 09, 2024

In a pig's eye I will...


I keep coming back to pigs (or hogs if you are a purist). We seem to have a ton of idioms referring to pigs. I'm not sure why that is. Pigs are much maligned by us. Not to mention we raise them, kill them, eat them and now harvest their organs. Doesn't seem quite fair.

But I do like bacon so I am no one to talk.

Who will live, who will die, who will tell their story? I suppose I could have put the pig's face on a $20 dollar bill, too. But this works fine for me.

I reached 401 designs today. This doesn't count the ones I've had to take down because someone thinks they infringe on someone's intellectual property. So that is a lot of t-shirt designs. 

BTW, do you know why they are called t-shirts? Because when you lay them out flat they resemble the letter "T."  I never knew that until I asked ChatGPT.

So anyway, more than 400 designs. You would think someone would take a shine to a few and buy some. I still harbor this fantasy that they will start showing up in Google searches and take off. Because I tell you posting them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter doesn't seem to do squat. I'm lucky if I get an occasional like. 

If you design a t-shirt and no one wears it, does it still make a statement?

There's a t-shirt in that somewhere. Someone just needs to pick it.

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