Saturday, April 27, 2024

It's not the heat


I've been saying this every time it gets hot for years. And almost every time, I get looks like the one on the (apparently stupid looking) person in this design. I think AI Art interprets stupid looking as how the person is dressed as opposed to an obvious lack of intelligence. 

I just rolled with it. It does have a creepy factor I kind of like.

This next one just came out of the blue.  It is kind of stupid even by my standards. 

Which is why I like it. 

I envisioned it more with the hand squeezing the actual artichoke and not the stem. But Art AI is a bit to logical to think that could work. So it kept giving me these Olympic Torch looking images of a hand holding an artichoke.

I'm a bit too tired to fight about it this evening. At least it didn't misspell artichoke incessantly (though I did just misspell misspell which has to have a t-shirt design in it somewhere.

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