Monday, April 08, 2024

Hey hey, we're the monkeys...


I was feeling a bit like I needed a break today from binge designing. I was posting an average of 12 per day during the last week or so. So today I only posted three. And two of them were Charles Darwin rocking out with an audience of monkeys. 

The other one was something I started yesterday but was piecing together stuff since Art AI was being difficult. I wanted a real estate development sign for a neighborhood called Sherlock Homes.

I think it was so so. It is kind of the same vein as some of the Shakespeare spoofs. There are several puns related to Sherlock Holmes. But they may be a bit obscure for the average person. And it makes for a kind of clunky t-shirt design.

But I am happy with the Darwin designs. 

Other than posting here, I don't really talk to anyone about my designs. I've shown a few to my family. But I've had this revelation of late about my delusions over the years thinking I would recognized for my clever ideas. I wanted people to say stuff like, "Wow, you did this? I never knew you could do this?"

But people aren't impressed by me or my witty ideas. I can be smug as I want about my clever puns but I generally only get a head shake and an eye roll. If I rattled them I could at least get a shake, rattle and roll pun out of it.

See what I mean. 

It is one of those realizations I've found I get now that I am in my 60s. People didn't expect much from me when I was young because young people haven't experienced enough to know anything. Now I am old and people acknowledge that you have experience, they just think you can't keep up anymore. I can't tell you how many people try to prompt me when I'm paying for something at a store with my debit card.  They assume because I am old that I can't fathom technology. 

What they don't realize is that I'm not really aging and deteriorating. I'm evolving. 

So don't monkey with me.

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