Monday, April 22, 2024

Old man down the road


Tell me that's not a cool image. It is inspired by John Fogerty's solo song "Old Man Down the Road." John Fogerty was part of Creedence Clearwater in case you live under a rock. Love the song and the guitar riffs. It's swamp rock. It's something I had never heard of until ChatGPT helped me out.

That led to this image. Love that he is playing the blues sitting in a swamp. You can almost hear the guitar.

I was all over the map today with design ideas. Like this one.

It started with the concept of just a t-shirt with egg all over it like you had been egged (which is apparently where the term "egging me on" comes from). Art AI threw in this great face with egg on it. Got to love it. 

I thought it was eggstra special. 

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