Sunday, July 07, 2024

Awkward moments


I decided to seize the censorship of my Viking design by the horns and revamp it since never did explain why they pulled the original one. Though I think it was because I translate the original headline into Icelandic or some other Scandinavian language that Google said was closest to the original Viking language. It said something akin to "what is this shit." But I'm willing to bet reviews things in languages that they don't easily understand to make sure you aren't saying something really offensive in another language. Apparently it is okay to be really offensive in English.

So I just changed the headline to one in English and is actually funnier. And sure enough accepted it without question. 

That took place last night. This morning I woke up and cranked out about nine other designs. This was my favorite:

I halfway thought would have some rule against designs that depicted legal documents. And although I'd like to think that Picasso's Spanish passport actually looked like this, I think it is far enough from the real thing to avoid any danger someone would try to forge a passport by copying it. 

It is sad the things you worry about when you are just trying to be creative.

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