Monday, July 08, 2024

Ride 'em cowboy


I was pretty sure this one was going to be reviewed since they flagged "Potheads" the other day, but apparently it is okay to be a stoned cowboy riding a rhinoceros. Though I'm pretty sure not very many people will get the reference to "Rhinestone Cowboy." 

But that is okay.  At least I made it through the first hoop of censorship.

I do have major issues with authority. Well, I have major issues with petty authority. Though I pretty much think all authority is a power trip.  We took some visiting relatives to the Space Needle yesterday and several of the snot-nosed ticket checkers and line police were doing the authority trip on people about each person holding their own ticket and barking out orders about scanning and moving through the entry gates when the green light flashed. I get it that dealing with masses of tourists and technology is probably very irritating, but so is paying $60 a pop to ride an elevator to the observation deck of the needle and staring at the landscape surrounding Seattle Center. 

It didn't help that we are having a heat wave and it is been in the upper 80s. There weren't a lot of happy campers. But they were still buying those stupid umbrella hats they sell in the gift shop you have to walk through after you get off the elevator when you leave the needle. God knows you need one of those to live a full life.

I suppose that doesn't mean anything to most of you.  But there are lots of medieval monks from Tennessee who are laughing their asses off.

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