Tuesday, July 02, 2024

Holy, holy, holy


One thing I appreciate about creating designs and writing a blog for myself is that I don't have to worry much about offending people. If someone complains I don't have to care or respond or worry.  I'm not being directed by or paid by anyone to come up with my designs so I can be a bit sacrilegious.  

So the Holy Moley design got me on a roll.  Because there are lots of phrases that begin with "Holy." Holy Moley led to:

But asking Artie, my Art AI friend to dress up different creatures as the Pope was not without its challenges. For some reason, Artie does not like to give anthropomorphized characters hands or feet that aren't human. Artie does fine with giving them the animal's head, but it can't bring itself to give them fins or hoofs or claws like they were born with even though it doesn't make sense to give them human hands. This created a bit of work in Photoshop to surgically remove human parts and graft on the animal parts.

This one really threw Artie's algorithm into a tizzy:

Artie just couldn't seem to fathom a Pope made entirely of smoke without giving it human features. I compromised on the face, but had to work to create smoke hands.

But it was this one that started to get weirdly creepy:

I definitely didn't want to have a Holy Cow with hands. So I specifically asked Artie to use hoofs instead of hands. And it must have really blown its circuit because it spit out this:

Now tell me there isn't something Satanic about that image? And it didn't even create it right side up. I had to rotate the image in Photoshop to get it to this point. I swear the writing is either Russian or some dead languages used by Devil worshippers.  I did take the hoofs off this image to create this:

Now that's a nice Holy Cow. I think it has this Gary Larson Far Side vibe about it. 

Finally I couldn't resist one more holy:

I think Artie hit this one out of the park on the first try. I was okay with the Avocado having human hands because what else kind of hands could you give an Avocado. And the Holy Guacamole holding a bowl of veggies to dip in Guacamole was a touch of genius. 

The only other Holy I could think of was Holy Shit, but something tells me Artie would have displayed the cat photo it spits out when you have violated its sense of propriety. 

I think in whole, my holy design make a hell of a great series.


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