Wednesday, July 03, 2024

Trying not to look back


No one can look back at this design because it was pulled for violating intellectual property rights.  Seriously, how do they find these obscure things. Some bots are working overtime. And come on, how can you copyright the phrase, "Don't look back, you can never look back." 

You would think I'd learn by now. Though I'm tempted to just change the words around. ChatGPT suggests I say, "Keep moving forward; the past is behind you." That does open up a whole can of worms about time being linear with the future in front of you and the past behind you. But where is now.

All of that is too long for a t-shirt.  As for a can of worms:

See how quickly an idea can evolve? Though I really do wonder why anyone would conjure up the idea of opening up a can of worms. Again ChatGPT tries to rationalize it by suggesting that you open up a can of worms and they get tangled up in a to a writing mess, symbolizing the complexity and difficulty of a situation.

Worms would not be my first thought when confronted with a complex problem. Though I reflexively used the phrase in regards to time being linear. Maybe it it more like worms and worm holes? Huh, pretty deep don't you think?

I wonder about things like that.  I wonder about lots of things which makes me a pretty prolific t-shirt designer.  

I think this is a perfectly reasonable question. Artie had difficulty with it, however. Because apparently Artie doesn't see lots of mimes in its data banks. Because I specifically asked to show me an image of mimes pantomiming a tug of war with an invisible rope. Artie just couldn't give me an image of mimes without a visible rope engaged in a tug of war. I started typing in all caps DON'T SHOW A ROPE. IT IS A PRETEND ROPE. But the bastard kept throwing a rope into the image. And it couldn't just give me traditional mimes with stripped shirts and berets. It kept conjuring up some medieval image of clowns from a French village. Thank god for Photoshop or I would still be begging Artie to listen to my direction. It gets more like a real designer every day.

Then I asked Artie to give me an image of a mime pretending to be inside a box. But above the mime was a real box suspended from a cable that was about to actually trap the little pantomiming asshole in a real box. And the headline was IT'S ABOUT MIME. And this is what Artie gives me:

WTF? It looks more like a zombie intern at Amazon popping out of a cardboard box with a block about to fall on his head.

And this one looks like Data from Star Trek the Next Generation being transported into a concrete block. Even Photoshop couldn't help me with that germ of an idea so I gave up.

But all was not lost today because I did get what I think is a pretty genius of a design out of Artie based on Jean Paul Sartre.

Even this one took quite a few tries because for some inexplicable reason Artie likes to put mustaches on French philosophers, especially existentialists. 

It's absurd.

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