Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Gouda ol' boy...

Okay, I said I wouldn't Photoshop my face on anything this week. I never said anything about not Photoshopping anything onto my face. So technically, I've kept my word.

I feel much better, too.


Hayden said...

there is something so wrong in the way I approach this post. The pic rivets me, I'm emotionally a bit tentative, then gratified, then with that vague pompous superego questioning me about what could POSSIBLY have given rise to the feckless grin. A chuntering protest, but makes me laugh.

no there there. but oh, how I grin.

Time said...

I have always liked you Hayden.

Time said...

Lights, my friend, Gee Cheese Whiz, some would say it is always cheese week at Dizgraceland. I cheddar to think where it will end.

darlingina said...

i always know where to come when i need my daily giggle. You never cease to amaze me Tim. I got all caught up on Your posts and feel so much better now. Cheese! Love it. What will You think of next. ;o)

Naughti Biscotti said...

Are you sure you ain't from Wisconsin? (Cheese head... get it?)

Are ya planning on doing a post on cheese curds?

I like the twist. Just what will he post on his face next?

Time said...

Thanks Gina, I'm thinking of a "Wild, Wild, West" theme next. But then again I may get sidetracked and blog about lunch meat. You never know :)

Shandi, I thought about blogging about Wisconsin, but I nodded off on the state Web site. Besides, I can't be associated with Green Bay. They beat the Seahawks. I must have been reading your mind about cheese curds.