Wednesday, May 31, 2006

If it's Wednesday, this must be Boise

I typed an entire blog about my arrival in Boise and lost it all when I tried to save it. I spit upon you

I will attempt to recreate it tomorrow morning. But for now I have a 19-inch television with three channels of Showtime calling my name in this 2 1/2 star hotel.


Anonymous said...

That comb-over isn't even noticable.

I bet you used to be pretty good looking!

Time said...

What is an empty gun called?

Anonymous said...

Is that a garbage can on top of your bed in the background? Just what sort of partying goes on in Idaho?

Empty gun? Huh?

Naughti Biscotti said...

Kudos to Kristy for spoting the garbage can. It's just like you Tim to do something like that.

What comb-over?

Have a great trip. Good luck with re-creating your post.

Time said...

Very observant. One must improvise when one doesn't have a tripod.

Shandi, Thanks. No combover. I believe some of my former staff trespassed on my blog. Thus the 'empty gun' comment. An empty gun has been 'fired.'

Time said...

Thanks Cherish. I try hard.