Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Tag goes to the runner

I was tagged by Mickey to list six weird facts about myself. I believe it is his revenge for tricking him into watching a David Hasslehoff video and for being at a higher level of hell than he is. I am also supposed to tag six other bloggers which is a challenge since he used two of the few I actually know.

First I find this tag ironic since I write a blog named Dizgraceland and expose weird facts about myself on a daily basis, but here goes
1) I have an unnatural fear of those people in grocery and werehouse stores who hand out samples. I will go three aisles out of my way to avoid them and will shield myself with old ladies if necessary to get away without tasting the latest flavor of hot pocket. I will, however, repeatedly visit an unpersoned sample of chips and dips if there are no other people around.

2) I can't stand being in a house unless all of the doors are locked. I will repeatedly check the locks to make sure they are locked.

3) In a similar vein, I can't stand being in a room with the blinds or curtains open, especially at night.

4) Unlike Mickey, I thrive in clutter. But, I get aggitated if there are dirty dishes in a kitchen sink. Go figure.

5) I own the Manili Vanili CD.

6) I hate wearing suits and ties, but I love wearing tuxedos.

There...satisfied? Now I tag Lights in the Wake, Cherish, Gina, Hayden, the Kristy and Zagu.


Hayden said...

well, at least you had the thoughtfullness to appolgize for tagging! Must ponder. Think I am in a weird-free zone these days. how weird is that?

Time said...

Simona, Defining weirdness would in itself make me weird. However, I do think a good dose of weirdness is healthy. I would hate to be boringly normal.

Hayden, Embrace your inner weirdness.

Anonymous said...

Not only do I embrace my inner weirdness, I wallow in it. Hey! That could be my first thing. Five to go!

Anonymous said...

"I own the Manili Vanili CD"

For God's sake! Twisted SOB!
I knew it!

Time said...

Kristy, Wallow is good.

Mickey, You know it's true.

Alex Pendragon said...

I thought it was "Milli Vanilli".

Time said...

THE Michael,

That's weird that you know that.

Naughti Biscotti said...

Hey!!! I also have the Milli Vanilli tape. I loved to blare their music from my Pinto stereo. Those were the days. I also have Vanilla Ice, George Michael, and MC Hammer. Now whose sick?

Time said...

Sounds like another list: most embarassing CDs/Tapes we own. You sound like the winner.

darlingina said...

I got a good chuckle out of #1 Tim. i can just see You doing that. So cute. And... ummm... well... thanks, i think. I feel so priviliged to have been tagged by You about my wierdness. ;o) ~gina~

Time said...

Thanks Gina, nothing personal.:)

And Cherish, I look forward to reading about your weirdness.