Monday, February 28, 2005

Blogs I hate

Well, hate is a strong word. Perhaps I should say blogs I think suck. Or blogs that make me long for a root canal. Bottomline is that I have no patience for reading some blog genres.

Blog Explosion makes you read blogs as part of a blog traffic scheme to make other Blog Explosion members read your blog. Blog Explosion gives you the option of blocking some types of blogs, but I can't seem to figure out how to block more than one category. Because I would really love to block all political blogs, blogs that quote the bible, blogs about families and children, blogs selling things and nine out of ten personal diary blogs that don't capitalize any words.

What does that leave? Not much. Oh, I like quirky blogs and well-written blogs and some artist's blogs. I'm not much on amateur poetry. But I'm not much on professional poetry, either.

I don't see the point of political blogs. They are either far left or far right. They rehash crap from far left and far right journals and other reliable sources (like Cosmo). The far-left bloggers appeal to far-left readers and the far-right bloggers appeal to far-right bloggers. The far left is convinced that they are right (ironic isn't it). And the far right is convinced that they are right (even more ironic). It's ludicrous. I even saw a blog that claimed to be a far right gay gun owner from Texas.

The religious blogs aren't much better. Don't get me wrong, I think everyone has a right to their own spiritual belief system. Just keep it to yourself. And I don't think god or Jesus need a bloggers help to explain things. Heck, I don't think god even has an e-mail address or a domain name. Whoops...I take that back. I typed in and found god does have a Web site. There is a "contact" link there, too. So I stand corrected.

I'm sure the family and children bloggers serve a purpose if you have kids. I don't. So reading how cute or evil your two-year old doesn't entertain me anymore than I'm entertained when you let your little yard apes run wild at restaurants or the grocery store.

A blog selling things isn't a blog. You deserve to be at the same level of hell as the telemarketers that call my house despite the no call list and the people who developed pop-ups. And there is a as well. It's an odd page that flashes some red symbol over and over and shows a latitude and longitude (presumably of hell).

Finally, I should elaborate on my disgust for personal diary blogs, especially ones written in that nasty chat room shorthand. I've said it before and I'll say it again, it isn't a personal diary if you have it plastered up there like a billboard on the information highway. Unless your life is fascinating on a day to day basis (and mine definitely isn't) don't write about it. Okay, you can tell me some of the interesting ups and downs, but do it in an entertaining manner. I don't care if Jimmy almost held your hand last night at the dance. I don't want to see the entire transcription of last night's instant messaging session and I really don't want to read a log of your bathroom habits.

Perhaps I'm just not cut out for Blog Explosion. I'm really not looking for reviews, comments or affirmation.

I just want people to like me.

Or not.


Naughti Biscotti said...

Okay....That was freak'n hilarious. I actually laughed out much that "LOL" just doesn't do it justice. I'm right there with you. I will blogmark you and be back for frequent visits. Check mine out. I added some stuff. You might like: "Pay no attention to the traffic counter" and go into my archives for "God plays the lotto". You might relate. You're a great blogger. Keep up the good writing.

Time said...

Thanks shandi, I did read your "traffic counter" blog and enjoyed it. We've all been there. I wrote a blog about blogging being similar to going through the stages of grief last September. Check out I
see a pattern here
if you get a chance.

I'll check out "God plays the lotto." That sounds right down my alley!