Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Kicking out the jams

Blogging is all about traffic. Want to increase it? Paul O'Flaherty's blog's got a few hints about increasing your blog traffic through stroking. I'm sure that title generates a few Google hits from non-bloggers looking for a different kind of content.

I admit that Paul's comments about stat addiction did strike a chord with me. I mean, what author really doesn't want to be read? So, I did a Google search and found Paul's blog about increasing traffice through stroking and links to a few sites that allow you to list your blog for free in directories of other blogs. The theory is that, you read my blog, I'll read yours. So I nibbled on the bait and have listed my blog in LS Blogs, and BlogExplosion. And so far a trickle of new people have been dropping by, particularily from LS Blogs.

But as I think about it, getting on a directory of blogs to get traffic seems akin to joining a creative writing class to get people to read your short stories.

Still, I'm hopeful. In the meantime I've read some pretty bad blogs and some that are actually entertaining. So far, I like the blog, "Things I hate about my Flatmate." It contains a daily rant about someone's roommate. It has done so well, that at one point, someone actually copied it verbatim and was running it as their own blog. That is about as pitiful as you can get. Was his own life so useless that he actually had to steal this young woman's blog and pretend he was writing it?

Oh well, enough stroking for now. I'm exhausted.

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