Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Raising the bar...

I have to tell someone about this. Last night I had a life changing experience. I achieved a new high score on Brickbreaker for my Blackberry! For months I've dreamed of actually reaching 7,000, but I couldn't quite get past 6700. I mean, I've made it through all of the levels many times. I've caught as many of the objects as possible for extra points and used the gun stategically, but I couldn't break that ceiling of 7,000. Then last night on the bus ride home, I was in the zone, baby! My new high score is ...get this...7,050!

For me, this is Olympic gold. I am a champion....a hall of famer! I mean, this is eye, hand coordination at its finest. And I achieved it while riding a bus! I have approached godlike status within the Brickbreaker world.

Downside is that this leaves very little in life for me to aspire to. Though I am told that there is an upgrade to the Blackberry software that includes a new version of Brickbreaker with 34 levels.

Bring it on, baby...
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