Friday, February 18, 2005

Think before you blog

Okay, Blogger has this "Next Blog" function where you can randomly jump from Blog to Blog. So, every now and then I go out there looking at what other people are blogging about and my god is it pathetic.

First, Blogger needs to somehow screen out the spam blogs that are just links to scam sites selling crap. Second, I'm really getting sick of people obsessively rehashing the political scene, the war and we are being lied to by the government, the press, the church and our mother's. We already know that. Stop linking to the latest shocking news headlines about how so and so rigged the election. Again, we already know that. We can't do anything about it. He's in the White House for another four years.

Finally, my pet peeve are teenager's blogs. It depresses me no end that they are destroying the language with cyberspeak jargon and shortcuts for typing out a complete word. The beauty of a Blog is being able to enjoy writing and communicating. Don't post a log of your MSN messaging session with a group of other mindless pimple heads including your ex-boyfriend who you've discovered you aren't really over. Once again I plead for you to confine that mindless drivel to your diaries or limit access to your circle of friends who actually care. It shouldn't be out there choking up bandwith for the whole world to marvel at.

And you pub hopping bloggers documenting your binges aren't impressing us with how cool you are, either.

I mean, what is the point? It is one thing to look for a creative outlet to express yourself, but it is another simply spew endless nothing. Bad poetry is one thing, but if you just want to rant about arguements with your mother, don't put it on the Web. The few gems of interesting material out there are buried in the endless muck the rest of you are just chucking out there randomly.

And teachers, stop making assignments that include creating blogs on Blogger. I don't care what happened in Humanities 101. No one else does either, including the kids you are trying to teach.

The Internet could have created a whole new era of global communication and you are all tossing litter on the information highway.

Don't point a finger at me, either. My blogs may seem random and without a purpose, but they are all part of my grand plan.

Trust me. I work for a government agency.

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