Friday, October 28, 2005

I ain't afraid of no ghost...

Halloween is approaching and I wish I had some really scary ghost story like Shandi's haunted restroom. I've spent my entire life wanting to believe in spirits. I think if I actually saw a ghost, it would be pretty good evidence that there is an afterlife. But so far nada.

This is not to say that, just because I haven't seen anything that could be described as a ghost, doesn't mean they don't exist. For some time now, I've watched those "Most Haunted" programs on the Travel Channel in hopes of seeing something cool. But it never fails that, despite their night vision photography and sophisticated recording devices, I can never quite make out the mysterious sounds they claim to be hearing while mucking about in the basements of castles in England. I've been convinced on several occasions that many of the sounds are simply the sound man passing gas. Either that or ectoplasmic beings could use a little Beano.

I've been to places that are supposed to be haunted. Tess and I have stayed at the Queen Mary in Long Beach and the Del Coronado in San Diego. Both are always named as haunted hotels. The most frightening part of the Queen Mary was the cockroaches and the Goldfish Cracker I found in the bed. The most frightening thing at the Del Coronado was the bill.

The closest thing to a truly haunted hotel we found was the Geiser Grand in Baker, Oregon. And we didn't know it was supposed to be haunted until we stayed their a couple of years ago on the way to Boise to visit family. But once again, although I managed to creep myself using the bathroom late at night (I kept thinking about that scene from 6th Sense where the kid is using the toilet and the dead people keep scurrying past the door), I didn't see any ghosts. I thought I encountered a cold spot in the hallway, but it turned out to be near the ice machine.

And ironically, the building I work in is supposed to be haunted. I blogged about "The ghosts of Union Station" in August 2004. I still haven't seen any of them.

I do think I captured a photo of ghosts on my business trip to Salt Lake City in September. I was wandering around the Temple there and took this photo of Brigham Young's Lion House:

 Notice the mist on the left and the telltale orb on the right. Now look at this blow up of the orb:

Yes, that is the ghost of Brigham Young.

Now that is scary.
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