Wednesday, October 05, 2005

If you knew sushi like I know sushi....

There is a major Asian market across the street from where I work in Seattle's International District. It is a very popular store that includes an Asian food court and deli where you can theoretically sample Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Chinese, Phillipine and Indonesian cusine all in one convenient stop. Problem is, and I mean this is a very respectful manner, it tastes like crap.

I'm not saying that Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Chines, Phillipine and Inonesian food tastes like crap. I'm saying that the food served at this food court sucks big time. For one, no matter what you order, it all tastes like a chicken McNugget you've discovered under your car seat that has been dipped in orange sauce.

And despite the fact that I think the food there bites the big one, every now and then I need lunch and don't have time to go to a restaurant and can't stand the thought of yet another sandwich from one of the other local eating places. So I venture into the food court and kick myself later for doing this this to my body yet again.

But today, I was going to be different. I walked by the steaming trays of fried chicken parts in congealing sauces and went to the deli where they sell wrapped trays of sushi to go. I figured it would be healthier than the mystery meat being served by the other vendors. So, I see several of the packages in the sushi case are marked "price reduced."

One would think a man of my age would see the inherent risks in buying day old sushi. But there is something ingrained in me from my poverty-stricken college years that can't pass up a bargain. I shrugged and bought the less than fresh California roll.

And now as I write this blog entry, I am beginning to see (or feel) the error in my ways. I suppose I could say, "This too shall pass," but it seems a bit inappropriate.

Note to self: pay the extra $1 for fresh sushi.


teri said...

Oh poor you...I hate it when that happens. Yes you're right, this too will pass. :(

Time said...

Thanks Teri, there was something fishy about that sushi. But I'm fine today.

R. said...

As soon I read the words "price reduced" I instantly knew what was going to happen and began screaming in my head "dude, no! Are you f***ing crazy?"

I don't know the answer to that question but I'm glad you made it without getting seriously ill.

I once ate the whole blob of wasabi. It caused a sharp pain in my stomach and made me belch at regular intervals for about 20 minutes. It was certainly a good way to put an abrupt end to date night.

Naughti Biscotti said...

and I thought you couldn't make sushi sound MORE unappealing. thanks for making me want to wretch.

Naughti Biscotti said...

ooppss.. forgot to say that I love the new graphic at the top of the page. very nice indeed!

Time said...

R. It's human nature to ignore expiration dates and common sense. Wasabi doesn't bother me. I think it actually kills any bacteri in your stomach.

Shandi, I've always had that affect on women. :)

Glad you like the new graphic. I had fun with it!

Anonymous said...

I suppose I made a mistake when I ordered the sushi at that truck stop?