Saturday, March 30, 2024

An Easter to dye for


You can't really go wrong with an Easter Island design for Easter. Of course, Easter Island is only Easter Island because a Dutch explorer named Jacob Roggeveen stumbled onto the island on Easter Sunday in 1722 and declared that it would be known as Easter Island much to the bafflement of the people who were living there. They just kept calling it Rapa Nui.

Funny how Europeans had this nasty habit of discovering things that were already there long before they showed up. It would be kind of like me driving to Texas for the first time on my birthday and declaring that Dallas would known as My Birthday despite the irate gun toting Texans who had been there since they stole it from Mexico.

Oh well.

But back to Easter. In my new design world, I discovered all you really need to do to make an Easter design is slap some bunny ears on something.

It's not like the Easter Bunny (a totally fictitious character like Santa Claus but without an reasonable explanation for existing ) gives a rip.  He (or she) are probably too busy dyeing eggs to worry about an Orangutan moving in on their territory. I'm not sure why I chose to put bunny ears on an Orangutan and suggest they would make a good back up for the Easter Bunny. Something tells me they would be more likely to fling feces at you than hand you a dyed egg.

And this is how I imagine the real (imaginary) Easter Bunny dyes eggs. Though I'm not sure why we think the Easter Bunny dyes eggs. I have been dyeing my own Easter eggs since I was a kid and it has always involved a cheap dye kit from the grocery store, food dye tablets, vinegar and a lot of patience.

Though I am a little vague on why we dye eggs for Easter anyway. I understand the egg is a symbol of fertility (as is the bunny...see my post on Fibonacci numbers). I just don't know what dyeing an egg has to do with it. 

Marketing no doubt.

I imagine that is where the whole chocolate bunny tradition came from. I don't know why we can't just hand each other the candy rather than putting out the empty Easter baskets and then pretending an imaginary bunny fills them with candy overnight using the same miracles Santa uses to do it all in one night.

Okay some of you may be getting impatient with me because I have glossed over that Easter is supposed to be a Christian tradition celebrating the resurrection of Jesus after he was crucified. And of course the Church co-opted a pagan festival called Eostre which celebrated the spring equinox and the renewal of life to get the Jesus angle in there after they converted more locals.

I would kind prefer to just believe in the Easter bunny and leave it at that.

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