Thursday, March 14, 2024

The mummy should have gone before he left


Years ago, I used to do theme weeks at Dizgraceland. I did Egyptian week back in 2006 and had one image of a mummy stepping out of a sarcophagus that had a toilet in it. And there was a piece of toilet paper stuck to him. The mummy coincidentally had my face. Because back then I still thought it was a novelty to put my face on everything.

But it wouldn't be something that someone would generally want on a t-shirt. So I upgraded the image. It wasn't easy. The AI Art site couldn't quite fathom that I wanted the toilet in the sarcophagus. So eventually I had to piece together the image. I think it is pretty damned good. 

There was a point where I did a series of posts on wanting to be knighted by the Queen of England and having a title. I wanted to be Tim Edwin the Fair and Flatulent.  I created several primitive coat of arms. I decided to recreate one of them here: 

Alas, I never did become a knight. Turns out the United States does not really allow its citizens to be royalty (despite what Trump thinks). So my royal aspirations fell by the wayside.

I did create this pretty cool ultimate coat of arms today, though:

I think the AI Art program nailed this one. Though it did give me a series of random one that didn't have arms on them. Not sure where the disconnect was. But it finally succumbed to my dad joke nature and gave me my pun. 

So I won that one. Or I pun that one.

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