Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Show them your nuts

 Obviously my blog and my designs are not the most politically correct. If I created this as part of my day job I would be responding to complaints that using the term "Nut Job" was offensive and not sensitive to the plights of the mentally ill. And if this was created as part of my day job I would apologize profusely and say that the term "Nut Job" referred to the person's profession as a street nut vendor.

But this isn't my day job and if someone complained I would just ignore them or say something like "nuts to you," or simply to fuck off. The humor to me is the double meaning and layers of complexity of this nut job. I love the crazed look on the man's face as he hawks his nuts on the street. He is showing people his nuts on many levels.

Here's another less than politically correct design:

I don't think you are allowed to use the term "hunchback" when referring to someone's deformity in this day and age. Victor Hugo had no problem with it. But he published the book in 1831 and they were less concerned with niceties at the time. I am not sure anyone uses the term "hunchback" anymore. It would be considered "ableist" (a term I despise).  According to my good friend ChatGPT, the modern term to use is "kyphosis" or "hyperkyphosis." It is a medical condition that creates an excessive curvatue of the spine and a rounded or hunched back. HyperKyphosis of Notre Dame probably wouldn't have become a classic for Victor Hugo.

The hunchback football player of Notre Dame cracks me up and I'm hoping it will appeal to the less politically correct who are still sensitive to such things but will think it is funny (even though it suggests we will all go to hell for doing so...not that I believe in hell or heaven for that matter).

It took awhile to get AI Art to create a hunchback football player. Apparently it is more sensitive than I am. That's my hunch anyway.

Yes, if there is a hell, that's where I am going.

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