Saturday, March 09, 2024

The Snowman always rings twice


So I've been having fun with the AI Art program. It still blows me away that you can create these images in a matter of seconds that are based on your vague description of what you'd like an image of. It beats Googling things an patching them together in Photoshop. And the AI art has no restrictions (yet) on how you can use them.

I still wonder if the Intellectual Property police will try and find something to bitch about. I've noticed that if you describe something that potentially has rights issues the AI misspells the name or adds and "s" or "ing." 

My friend ChatGPT says you can upload your own photos into the AI art programs and it will incorporate them into your ideas. I just can't figure out how to do that. I think you have to get the paid subscriptions. I'm too cheap at this point ot pay $20 a month to create images that may go on a t-shirt that will earn me $2.

I'll stick to the free subscriptions for now.

I do notice that AI leans towards the abstract (like this payphone image). It looks old, but not like any phone I ever saw. And AI also seems to be a bad speller.  Some of the images I've had it create have words with letters missing in them. 

I've also been upgrading some of the designs I did on my own with the AI images.

I really like this one of a Ouija board. But notice AI doesn't use the real alphabet on the board. And I had to spell out Ouija because I think AI thinks it is trademarked.  But I love the spirits.

I also had it create this super cool Magic 8 ball:

I predict AI Art is the art of the future now. But who knows what I'll get when I ask again.

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