Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Space Needle, the final frontier


Don't needle me about this post. I'm waiting for the Space Needle people to begin screaming intellectual property and pointing at me in a biblical "unclean, unclean!" way. If they do it will just be because they didn't think of this first and sell overpriced t-shirts at Seattle Center.

On a bright, optimistic note, I sold one of my designs the other day on a sticker. There is 50 cents I would never have seen without all this hard work and the support of Art AI. The dam is about to burst now! Not sure what I'll do with all of the extra income.

Space seemed to be a theme today.

Well, I actual had Art AI create a bunch of Ford Galaxy designs last week. I had this inspiration that there was a galaxy called the Ford Galaxy and that is where all of our beloved old cars go when they give up the ghost. Technically the Ford car model is the Galaxie, but I think that is kind of stupid. I think this is an image of a 1958 Ford Galaxie.  But all cars of that era pretty much look the same to me.

I am aiming for the vintage car foamer with this series. 

Other than creating new t-shirt designs, working, driving my kids around and giving the pets attention I spent some time today dropping my son's seven year old gaming laptop at a computer repair place. It, like the Ford Galaxy in the above design, died. And like medical doctors, the laptop technicians ruled out an expired batter, battery charging ports and not using a charger issued by the company who made the computer. And like medical doctors they still didn't know what the real problem was, but they were happy to keep charging me to find out. In the case of my son's laptop the computer place today said the mother board just gave up the will to live because none of her children came to visit and she felt unfulfilled as a mother board any more.

Once I pick up all of the parts from my son's dead laptop tomorrow I think we'll bury it in the backyard along with umpteen dead goldfish. I just wish we had sent it off to live on a farm before it expired.

I think there is a t-shirt design in here somewhere.

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