Monday, March 04, 2024

Know what I saw? Wood.


I have been getting a bit nostalgic as I scour the ether for design ideas. This is a postcard I created that could have sold big in the 1960s.  We spent many summer vacations at Redfish Lake in the Stanley Basic on Idaho near the Sawtooth Mountain range.  I also took my only backpack journeys into the Sawtooths a couple of summers on forced marches with my oldest brother and my nephew.  It taught me to appreciate hotel rooms and despise insects bigtime.

Still the Sawtooth Mountains were beautiful and obviously named after a crosscut saw blade. I added a few circular saw blades because they seemed to add to the esthetic. Doubt most people know the difference anymore.

I also created an homage to Twin Peaks with some creepy Shining vibe thrown in for good measure.

I do find myself shying away from movie and television spoofs. I had another design pulled this morning for more intellectual infringement issues. It was  a version of Grease the musical with a monkey face. I called it Grease Monkey. Apparently it was too close to the original poster because Paramount asked that it be removed, putting them in the same book as HBO with me for pettiness. I think the common denominator I've discovered is that I posted both my Whitewalker spoof and the Grease spoof on Instagram. Apparently the companies scan those to prevent artists from being too intellectual with their properties.

No one seems to care what you post on Twitter X because their is definitely a low intellectual quotient going on there. Also a low rate of value to post anything you are trying to sell on Twitter X too. God knows the man wouldn't want me to wrestle 25 cents worth of profit off from something they think violates their intellectual property rights. 

I do have a problem with the concept that there is such thing as an original idea any more anyway, intellectual or not. I just need to be more discerning in who I flatter through imitation and how much I imitate. 

Live and learn. 

Grease Monkey was kind of a turd anyway and not worth flinging onto social media.

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