Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Great Pumpkin....er....the Pretty Good Pumpkin...alright, the Okay Pumpkin

Every year I have pretty much carved slightly different versions of the same jack-o-lantern. They all have fangs and demonic eyes and are scary the way a jack-o-lantern is supposed to be. After all, they are supposed to frighten away evil spirits on All Hallow's Eve to keep them from taking up residence in your house.

Tess, of course insists on carving her happy pumpkins with silly, lopsided grins. I call them her "village idiot" pumpkins because they look like the banjo player in Deliverance or George W. Bush. So they are frightening in that way.

This year I decided to carve a different type of jack-o-lantern. There are no fangs. The eyes aren't particularily demonic, but still, there is something strangely disturbing about it.

When lit up, it may not have kept the demons away, but it sure seemed to keep the number of trick or treaters to a minimum. Still, after staring at it for awhile, it kind of grows on you. It is actually kind of cute.

Don't you agree?

Okay, maybe not.

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