Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Great Pretty Good Pumpkin...alright, the Okay Pumpkin

Every year I have pretty much carved slightly different versions of the same jack-o-lantern. They all have fangs and demonic eyes and are scary the way a jack-o-lantern is supposed to be. After all, they are supposed to frighten away evil spirits on All Hallow's Eve to keep them from taking up residence in your house.

Tess, of course insists on carving her happy pumpkins with silly, lopsided grins. I call them her "village idiot" pumpkins because they look like the banjo player in Deliverance or George W. Bush. So they are frightening in that way.

This year I decided to carve a different type of jack-o-lantern. There are no fangs. The eyes aren't particularily demonic, but still, there is something strangely disturbing about it.

When lit up, it may not have kept the demons away, but it sure seemed to keep the number of trick or treaters to a minimum. Still, after staring at it for awhile, it kind of grows on you. It is actually kind of cute.

Don't you agree?

Okay, maybe not.


Anonymous said...

I think you did a superb job although your pumpkin vaguely resembles a white version of that old 70's blacksploitation film star, Richard Roundtree aka Shaft.

What I think is important is that you get into the spirit of Halloween....perfect pumpkin carving be damned.

Hayden said...

oh, my. that IS disturbing. very. do you think it kept evil spirits away, or do you take it as evidence that they've already moved in?

Time said...

Miss Bliss, I do believe I've been Shafted.

Hayden, I believe it is evidence that they never left. Oh and I actually think a clown jack-o-lantern would have been more disturbing. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my God! That jack-o-lantern looks alot like a garden gnome. Creeeeeeeppppyyyy!!!

Fantastic job!!!

Whitesnake said...

I have Gnome concept of Halloween.

I should have gnome better than to pop back here.

Strange things have been gnome to happen after visting here.

Time said...

Shandi, It does look dashingly handsome, much like the misunderstood gnome. Thanks!

Glad you are using the proper Gnomenclature, but I think the Whitesnake pot is calling the kettle black.

JP (mom) said...

Thank goodness you weren't around when Mt Rushmore was being carved out!! Hope you had a Happy Halloween Tim! JP

R. said...

Heh. Is it wrong if my first impulse upon seeing your caricature on the pumpkin is to pick the nose for seeds? An excellent job on the pumpkin Tim.

Time said...

Lights, I'll take that as a compliment. It's better than looking like Richard Rountree. It was my first such pumpkin sculpture.

JP, I think Mt. Rushmore would be vastly improved if it had my face on it. :) Thanks, I hope your Halloween was nice, too.

That's the nicest thing you've ever said to me. But as they say, you can pick your pumpkin, and you can pick your nose, but you can't pick your pumpkin's nose.

Footpad said...

Silent Bob? Or Dom DeLuise?


Alex Pendragon said...

It's getting to where I can't decide what's more halarious, the post, or the comments! Bob, Tim, not even an innocent vegetable is safe from being Tim-ized!

Time said...

Footpad, Dom DeLuise? Puleeze...the pumpkin just adds 10 pounds to the face.

THE Michael, And I didn't even use Photoshop!

Hayden said...

no photoshop. thus is answered another question. I couldn't figure out whether it was a real pumpkin, or a photoshopped one. I can't even pretend to figure out where scarey reality ends and scarey fantasy begins anymore!

Time said...

Hayden, Neither can I...neither can I...sigh.