Sunday, October 15, 2006

Self-portraits of the blogger as a young man

Before digital cameras and Photoshop, there was film, dark rooms and water colors. I dabbled. It wasn't as flexible as Photoshop. You didn't have the luxury of instantly knowing what you were getting. You took the photo, processed it, and printed photos and hoped for the best.

Even then, I messed around with self-portraits. The model fees were cheap and giving direction was much simpler. I could only print in black and white in my dark room. So I played around with hand coloring prints. The contact sheet above is a sample of one of my experiments.

I never really knew what I was doing or why. Sometimes I pretended I was being an artist. At the very least, I was capturing a piece of my own past in a colorful way.

Now we have almost completely become a digital society. Photoshop is much simpler than the darkroom. And I still like experimenting. The beauty is that I can still work in self-portraits, past and present. Digital painting opens up whole new worlds.

I wonder what comes after digital? Will we be able to repaint our past completely?

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