Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Social graces

I have discovered something about myself on this business trip. I am not a social creature.

Most people go to conferences to network. I am still of the mind that a network programs your television or, is something IT people maintain. This is why I am an anomaly in the marketing world. I really don't like to schmooze.

Other than the reception I slunk my way through last night, I've avoided hospitality suites left and right at this conference. I really don't want to buy anything from anyone and I am not selling. I am not looking for a job or trying to find someone for one. So I don't have the energy to "go fish" with my business cards in a hotel suite just to get a free drink and a stress ball with some bus company's name on it.

I haven't even sought out collegues to go to dinner with. I am perfectly fine with dining alone or calling room service. So obviously I will never be a leader in my profession or a person who will seek public office. I am not a good old boy nor am I that kind of guy everybody knows and likes. I can walk into a room and go completely unnoticed even though I've worked in this industry for almost a quarter of a century.

The cheese stands alone.But I do like crackers.
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