Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Agreeing to disagree


Agreeing to disagree is kind of stupid to me. You are saying you don't have enough faith in your convictions and your beliefs to argue about it. So you say let's just agree we can't agree (even though I don't agree with you).  

Basically you should just say, "you're an asshole" and leave it at that. But I can compromise with agreeing that the other person is disagreeable. Thus the design.

Not sure it will mean anything to anyone. But I tend to think people who don't agree with me are stupid. But they are entitled to their stupid opinions. Which is why Trump has supporters.

Trump supporters are too stupid to know they are stupid and Trump put the the bat shit in bat shit crazy. But they will never agree with me because they are stupid and disagreeable.

I don't think they are even smart enough to agree to disagree.

Oh well. There needs to be a caboose to this train of thought somewhere.

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