Sunday, May 05, 2024

Wax on wax off


Just so you know that inspiration comes from just about anything, guess what I was doing this morning when I thought about this design idea? Be thankful I have a bidet or you'd be looking at something along the lines of "Wipe on, wipe off" (not to self...ask Artie about wipe on, wipe off design). 

I decided to call Art Ai "Artie" instead of just Art.  It seems to fit a little better than just "Art." 

Anyway, Artie did have a little trouble with the concept of a cotton swab just going into an ear part of the way and not all the way through the head. I had to fix the design with Photoshop. Which reminds me, some time I'm going to just do a post on Artie Bloopers. It does some pretty outrageous ones. 

I realize that having an Asian character doing a riff on Mr. Miyagi's "Wax on, wax off" training is kind of stereotypical. But Artie couldn't seem to create a non-Asian character in a Karate Gi. So I gave up an used the Asian instructor image.

I've found Artie isn't real sensitive when it comes to race. Or perhaps I'm oversensitive considering I work for a government agency and am scrutinized a great deal. 

Oh well.

I was working with Artie on an image of someone walking down a lonely street and it went right to this super cool image.

I had to work with the sign because Artie originally had it say "Heartbreak Hotel Hotel." I wanted it to have a "No Vacancy" sign with "Vacancy" lit up and I changed it to "Heartbreak Motel" to avoid the Intellectual Property police. Something tells me they may still try to squeal like a stuck pig about it.

Speaking of pigs, I was on a "Happy as" kick today as well and found this Southern idiom "Happy as a Dead Pig in the Sunshine." The explanation for a dead pig being happy in the sunshine was that when the pig corpse heats up the lips retract an it looks like it is smiling.

Got to love the south.

ChatGPT also told me about a saying called "Happy as a Sandboy." I asked it what the hell a Sandboy was and apparently in the 18th and 19th centuries in Britain it was a common saying. Apparently it was the fashion to hire young boys or men to deliver sand to pubs and sprinkle it on the floor to soak up spills. They usually just got paid in beer so they were generally cheerful blokes.

So I figured WTF and had Artie whip me up a "Happy as a Sandboy" design.

At first Artie gave me this design:

I thought it was pretty good but then I started think I might get some flack for depicting a boy swigging a mug of beer. So I had Artie age the boy a bit.

Maybe someone in Britain will take a shine to it and buy a t-shirt. T-shirts are really big in England.

Finally I created another design for fans of Dizgraceland.

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