Friday, May 17, 2024

Quite the Thinker for such a small brain


Lest you think all of my designs are totally random and don't require research (which more often than not is true), I do ask ChatGPT for help now and then. For example, I asked him about Rodin's "The Thinker" (though I thought it was the Thinking Man). The actual sculpture shows a naked man sitting on a rock with his chin resting on one hand, deep in thought. ChatGPT says it represents intellect, contemplation and the human capacity for reflection and introspection. I think it represents more of a naked man wondering why he is sitting on a rock naked.

Apparently "The Thinker" was originally conceived as part of a larger work titled "the Gates of Hell," that  was inspired by Dante's Divine Comedy. The Thinker was supposed to represent the poet Dante Alighieri thinking about the depths of hell (or "what the hell am I sitting here naked for.")

I really like my version of a T-Rex sitting on a rock unable to rest its chin on one hand because nature played a cruel trick on him and made him big and scary but with the arms of a toddler.  And since dinosaurs were supposed to have pretty small brains, all he can think about is that it would be nice to have longer arms. So there isn't a lot of reflection or introspection.

Artie couldn't quite grasp the concept of a T-rex in the pose of The Thinker with arms too short to rest its chin on one hand. It did pretty good with the naked dinosaur part, but I had to shrink the arms on my own with Photoshop. I'm thinking this would make a pretty bitching actual sculpture that I will make once they release a beta version of Art AI 3D.

Until then I'm hoping the t-shirt market will make it go viral and sweep me up along with it. 

I'll get my 15 seconds of fame yet.

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