Saturday, May 04, 2024

First can on the moon


I was thinking about different firsts other than the first man to walk on the moon. At first I was going to create a design with an image of a frying pan on the moon with the headline "First Pan on the Moon!" I still may. Then I graduated to the idea of the first can on the moon and having it look like an old outhouse with a crescent moon on the door. Seemed appropriate.

At first I just had Art AI show an outhouse. Then I thought it would be funny just to have an astronaut coming out of the can with toilet paper on their boot. I was afraid Art would balk at this since it had trouble with a mummy coming out of a tomb with toilet paper on it's foot. But apparently Art (I'm just going to call it Art from now which was one of my dad's nicknames...the other one was Peanuts but if I started calling Art AI Peanuts I think I would confuse people) anyway, apparently Art has no problem with an astronaut coming out of a bathroom with toilet paper on their boot. Let's put aside the issue of getting out of the suit to do your business and ignoring the fact that the suits have built in poop and pee packs (kind of like Donald Trumps suits).

Anyway, I like the result. This is a t-shirt design I would proudly wear provided I wanted to spring for the cost of buying one. Technically they aren't that expensive until you factor in shipping. And seems to be running sales that never end. They remind me of the Oriental Carpet places that used to be all over Pioneer Square in downtown Seattle. Some of them had signs in the windows that read "Going out of Business, Everything Must Go!" Thing is the places never seemed to go out of business and always had the same sale going on.

Not that I ever went in to one to see how the price of an Oriental Carpet on a going out of business sale compared to an Oriental Carpet at the regular price. I realize the term Oriental is offensive to some though this isn't used in reference to Asian people. ChatGPT reminded me that an Oriental carpet is also known as a Persian rug. Though I don't think Persian is particularly acceptable anymore since Persia is now Iran. 

Regardless, I never really wanted to go into a rug store that claimed to be going out of business in Pioneer Square. I also remember there used to be lots of waterbed stores in Pioneer Square too. They didn't claim to be going out of business, but they did have women in lingerie dancing in the windows a lot trying to get you to come in an theoretically buy a waterbed. Though I don't think that is what most drunk young men wandering around Pioneer Square at the time thought the women were selling.

Come to think of it you can't buy an Oriental Carpet or a waterbed in Pioneer Square anymore. Amazon seems to be the only choice for those types of purchases anymore. Though Amazon hasn't resorted to dancing women in lingerie to get you to buy a waterbed yet.

I never owned a waterbed, but there was a time when I was about 15 or so that my parents gave me a water chair.  It didn't really look like a chair. It looked more like a mini water bed. And it wasn't very comfortable or practical. I remember having to bring a garden hose in through my bedroom window to fill it. It wasn't heated and it took up a hell of a lot of room. I think it eventually sprung a leak and I had to trash it.

I think I have been digressing. 

This design is inspired by a character in Tom Robbins' book Even Cowgirls get the Blues. It was a doctor who told one of the other characters in the book that Picasso was asked by the Spanish army to design camouflage paratrooper uniforms. Picasso told them to dress the paratroopers like harlequins. The doctor then said, "I don't suppose that means anything to you."

I love that scene. Though if I tried to find it in the book now I will discover I remembered it all wrong.

But that's alright.

I still crack myself up. And I have to go to the can. 

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