Friday, May 31, 2024



Well, I don't care if it rains or freezes   

Long as I have my plastic Jesus 

Riding on the dashboard of my car


Through my trials and tribulations 

And my travels through the nation 

With my plastic Jesus I'll go far

--Ed Rush and George Cromarty 

I don't have a plastic Jesus in my car or on my desk. I do have a plastic Pope Francis on my desk. He is a tiny bobblehead Pope Francis that I found in Goodwill and have listed on ebay in hopes of selling him since I am not Catholic or particularly a fan of Pope Francis, especially since his Bishops claim he used a derogatory Italian name for gay men saying he didn't want them becoming priests.

He apparently doesn't have the same aversion to pedophiles becoming priests. 

I do not that the bobblehead Pope Francis looks a bit like a gray haired Donald Trump if he ever smiled and wore a pope outfit.

That being said, I think the value of my Pope Francis bobblehead took a hit when he trashed gays to his Bishops. They ran and told the press. Apparently there is no honor among bishops.

This could be why Plastic Jesu is SMDH.

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