Monday, May 06, 2024

The long and winding toad


This road to being a successful t-shirt, sticker, coffee mug and magnet artist is long...and dare I say winding, too. Good thing I have my AI friend Artie with me to feed my puns.

Now if Artie could help me figure out how to get people on eBay or Etsy buy amazing stuff I found at Goodwill for a pittance and resale for beau coup bucks. I think I've been down this road as well.

On another topic, I had another design pulled from today. Warner Brothers objected to my riff on Ted Lasso's locker room "Believe" sign: "Deceive." Some people just have no sense of humor. And I'm glad stands up to them. 

Wait, they cave every time like a sand tunnel at high tide. Who cares that umpteen hundred people have posted designs actually using "Believe." Just because I did such a great job making "Deceive" look like "Believe."

Well screw them. I bounced right back with another design they can't claim to violate anyone's Intellectual Property (except maybe Donald Trump).

Even with having my first "Deceive" design pulled I still managed to pump out 14 designs. I can't seem to let go of Zen designs. Artie helped me with this one about asking a magic mirror to show me the face I had before I was born.

It makes me chuckle. 

As I meander down the long and winding toad or road to being a famous artist I've now cranked out what will soon approach 700 designs. Yet still there isn't a glimmer of recognition, even by (other than informing me on a regular basis that they are pulling something). 

Still I cling to my mantra of being the king of random nonsense.

I feel like leaping from a balcony onto a stage and shouting, "Sic semper temere ineptia!"

I don't suppose that means anything to anyone, does it.

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