Wednesday, May 01, 2024

An epiphany about realizations


I have never really thought about the difference between a realization and an epiphany much. But I asked ChatGPT and the wise idiot enlightened me that a realization is becoming aware or understanding something clearly and distinctly but it usually happens gradually. An epiphany, however, is a moment of sudden and profound realization that can make you feel enlightened.

I guess I sort of had already had this epiphany about realizations before ChatGPT clarified it for me.

This morning it just popped into my head that that very moment was just a brief and fleeting moment in time that quickly led to the next very brief and fleeting moment in time. And they just keep coming folks.

So I turned that into a t-shirt design.

Later in the day I had another realization (or perhaps an epiphany).

It started when it dawned on me that most people I know don't know how annoying they can be. And then it dawned on me that I don't realize how annoying I can be either. 

So I turned that into a t-shirt design.

At first I just asked Art AI to use words alone. It didn't grab me. Then I asked it to use an image of an annoying man. That didn't seem to work and it was kind of sexist. So I just told Art AI to use an image of something annoying. 

It spit out an image of a mosquito and an image of a Chihuahua. It gave me a kick that it would arrive at those two things as annoying.  I had to agree with it.

I like the Chihuahua image the best because most of the time they just make you want to pick them up and drop kick them. 

Not that I would ever do that.

I realize (or epiphanize) that not too many people would buy a t-shirt for themselves that states they don't realize how annoying they are. But I figured they would make great gifts, anonymous or not. And maybe the people receiving them will realize or have an epiphany that they are pretty damned annoying and by being aware of it they might try not to be so annoying.

I think I should start billing myself as the t-shirt philosopher. 

That would make a good t-shirt.

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