Thursday, May 16, 2024

I've got a feeling


This is probably not what John Lennon was thinking about when he wrote this song.  But then again, John seemed to be kind of an irreverent person who did his share of recreational drugs, so who knows. It doesn't matter in the long run because I think it makes one hell of a t-shirt.

It was inspired once again by the Beatles Channel on Sirius radio when I was driving the kids to and from school. You take inspiration where you can get it.

Like this:

For whatever reason I was thinking about people saying someone was a night owl. And as far as I know, owls are nocturnal so I think saying someone is a night owl is redundant. I asked ChatGPT and it got all snippy with me about it being  a colloquialism and wasn't strictly referring to nocturnal animals. I think ChatGPT is full of shit on this one. So I created a Day Owl design to make people think about it.

I'm just the eternal optimist.

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