Friday, May 24, 2024

Glass onion


I used to explain to people (back in the day when there was a group of people who regularly read my blog) that the secret to Photoshop was in the layers. It more or less still is. It is just much easier to now.

Maybe it is because I'm used to the layers. 

But layers are pretty much what life is all about. You peel them away to get at the truth only to discover the truth was really in the collective layers, not what is under them. So perhaps the onion was really the thing Adam and Even weren't supposed to eat from the "tree of knowledge of good and evil." The Bible never actually said it was an apple. It is possible that the apple got maligned because the Latin word for "malus" can mean both "apple" and "evil."  I'm putting my money on it actually being and onion even though onions don't grow on trees. 

But it is all a metaphor anyway.

My daughter just shakes her head when she hears the song "Glass Onion" from the Beatle's White Album because it just seems like nonsense to her. Unlike the lyrics of "Come Together."

I'm in the school of believing that John Lennon didn't really intend any deep meaning when he wrote such songs and was essentially fucking with us. 

John has always been my favorite Beatle. 

I have to say I didn't really associate a gumboot with rubber boots until I asked ChatGPT (and it got over its copyright paranoia and would actually talk about the lyrics. 

Not that ChatGPT actually talks yet. I imagine that is next. I just hope it does a better job than Alexa and doesn't nag me about enunciating and not understanding me. 

I suppose when they do give AI a voice for the masses, it will truly eliminate the need to actually interact with a real person. I have to admit talking to an AI entity sounds a lot less annoying that talking to people. Or it least it will be if its algorithm doesn't require it to correct you every time you use the wrong pronoun or say something that offends. I'd be perfectly happy talking to an AI that doesn't give a shit about shit like that. It does wear me down in real life.

On a sort of related topic, this is my 145 post this year. It breaks my record of 144 posts in a year back in 2007. Now all I have to do is post more than 292 times this year and I'll break my all time record for posting back in 2006 when I was ironically at the height of my popularity in the relatively new blog world and worry about entertaining or offending people.

Obviously I didn't do enough entertaining and probably way too much offending since there are maybe two people who now read my blog on a relatively regular basis. But you know, I'm actually pretty okay with that because I don't feel like I worry too much about entertaining or offending anyone any more. I have my t-shirt designs to do that for me and since I don't need the money or affirmation I don't really give a fuck if anyone is entertained or offended by them. 

I do take umbrage to the intellectual property Gestapo who periodically complain to and get my designs removed.  I do take solace in the fact that their job is looking for violators of their particular corporate asshole's intellectual property rights because they don't have talent to create any intellectual property of their own.

Surpassing 144 posts for the year has obviously made me feisty. 

Or maybe it is another byproduct of getting old.

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