Thursday, May 02, 2024

The Long Dark Coffee Break of the Soul

 I wasn't feeling dark when I started this design. But Art Ai must have sensed some existential crisis and it kept giving me dark images. I love this one especially. 

Of course, if you are Douglas Adams fans you'll recognize that this is an American version of his "The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul" which is a play on the phrase "the dark night of the soul." I don't think Douglas Adams was trying to be as serious as this image.

This one was a bit more Douglas Adams-like. I love that the character looks as though he has been sitting Rip Van Winkle-like in this chair for an infinite amount of time yet the coffee is still hot.

He obviously didn't buy the mug from Starbucks because every Starbucks mug I've ever had immediately sucks the heat out of the coffee like a cooling tower at a nuclear energy plant. I wish someone would invent a mug that has heat coils in the ceramic and keeps the coffee at a nice hot temperature. 

But I digress from my reflections of the soul.

I had Art Ai create this one for me. Or at least this is the me I fantasize I look like. My hair just never stays full like that and my beard, though approaching that length still fights to maintain its unkept look. And this fantasy version of myself is trim. But regardless, this aged man truly looks like he is staring at a cup of his soul. 

I suppose that was my point. Or this is:

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