Thursday, May 23, 2024

Time Waits but Rust doesn't


Now if I did make a record of "Take the 'T' out of 'Trust'" this would be a pretty great album cover. I realize creating the album cover when you don't actually have a record, a finished song or any way to produce it is putting the cart way before the horse. 

But this is my fantasy world. 

Artie is pretty good with rusty trucks and even rusty old men. But it can't deal with words, spelling, syntax or grammar worth crap. This is even when you tell it exactly what the headline should be.

Not sure what that is all about, but I tell you Artificial Intelligent Art or not I still have to do a lot of work to get a finished product. 

This is the other version where I look a bit like I'm wearing a Phil Spector wig. But I'm kind of rocking that wild gray hair. And again, I love the old truck sitting out there on the desert.  Makes me nostalgic for the desert around where I grew up in Idaho.


Every now and then I can still smell sagebrush and feel the nasty heat.

I do think I should be wearing beat up old cowboy boots. But I didn't specify that to Artie. So he gave me trendy loafers. I guess it is new old country.

It all makes me wish I could carry a tune (other than in a shit bucket).

Oh well, if wishes were horses.

I think there is a t-shirt in there.

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