Wednesday, May 29, 2024

I hope there is a caboose to this train of thought


I used to work with a guy that made me think of this statement every time he opened his mouth. And that was often. He was another manager at the time and he had managed the function I managed at the time at another agency. So he had lots of opinions on how the work should be done. 

Need I remind you about opinions and assholes?

Anyway, this person was also not the brightest bulb in the socket. But he thought he was. At some level he knew I thought he was a moron (or actually knew he was). And he was dangerous in that way stupid people are when they know you know they are stupid. It's like turning over a rattle snake and it isn't happy that it has been exposed. So he did his best to undermine me. 

He was, however, too stupid to be successful. I believe I am pretty much the only one who can successfully undermine me. And occasionally I am quite successful.

But back to his pontificating at meetings. It was painful. You could almost see his brain struggling to herd all of his cat-like thoughts meandering around. So I would hope that his maddingly long train of thought eventually had a caboose.

Eventually it did and the caboose was generally full of cobwebs. 

So I really like this design. But Artie had difficulty with it for some reason. I would specifically ask for it to show a train entering one ear and exit the other. Artie could not grasp that abstract concept. Some of the drafts had a train bursting out of the side of a man's face.

It wasn't the effect I was looking for. 

Artie also kept putting the stupid man in suits (which gives you an idea of how Artie feels about corporate types). 

I finally settled on these two designs.  I think they convey the concept pretty well. And neither really resemble the stupid person I used to work with. He took his train to another agency and convinced them he was brilliant for awhile until they discovered what was in the caboose to his train of thought.

I think he has since retired.

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