Sunday, May 26, 2024

Buy the ticket, take the ride


I was in a Hunter S. Thompson kind of mood today. I kind of like the sentiment of buying your ticket and taking your ride. It can be interpreted as inspirational. Or it can be interpreted as being self indulgent and justifying your excess. 

I was never into weird for weird sakes. I like the eclectic, but I am conventional enough not to like bat shit crazy just for the hell of it. I sense Hunter was that way. 

Personally I think it was the drugs and alcohol. But as he said, they always worked for him.  

Until they didn't. I think that's when he opted to get off the ride.

On a totally unrelated topic, my sales are picking up a bit on ebay.

I have been plagued with the low ballers who offer me ridiculously low amounts for some item that is clearly worth twice that.  And in theory I shouldn't care because I buy most of the crap at Goodwill and don't have a big investment. But I have never had patience for people who just offer you $5 for something have listed for $48.  It's just not worth my time to wrap, it and pack it to make less than I make on a t-shirt sale at 

It's not the money, its the principle of if. I'd rather give it back to Goodwill than sell it for an insultingly low price to some twit who thinks haggling is offering a tenth of what you ask for something. Life is to short for:

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