Wednesday, May 15, 2024

The shape of the universe


I tried reading some article today about what was the shape of the universe. The headline was something bait and switching like "The shape of the universe is like a hall of mirrors." My eyes glazed over after about two paragraphs and I never did find out what the shape of the universe was or why I should care.

ChatGPT tells me there are three options: flat, positively curved or spherical and negatively curved or hyperbolic. I decided to ask Artie to give me a design where the universe was in the shape of an easy chair and have a headline expressing a bit of disappointment that it wasn't something bigger and grander.

The design cracks me up because I'm not sure I totally get why I asked for a universe shaped like an easy chair and I doubt anyone will get it. But temere ineptia, right?

I still don't know what good it would do to know the shape of the universe or whether it was expanding or contracting. I file it under "why should I care." I feel that way about most news I read these days. It all seems to be a crock of shit.

This is another one of those obscure sayings that I doubt most people under 65 will have heard. I like the way it sounds though: "He don't know shee-eye-it from Shinola." Most people writing news these days fall into that category.

They don't have the benefit of the fast experience people of my generation have to draw upon.

This is true. 

Don't get me started about Slip and Slides.

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