Wednesday, May 08, 2024

Potato Calavera


Growing up in Idaho, I became very sensitive to living in a state where your license plate proudly proclaimed "Famous Potatoes." I never really gave it much thought as to why Idaho potatoes were famous. It was an example of marketing to the extreme by the Idaho Potato Commission trying to promote potato farmers. 

I believe Idaho actual produces more sugar beets than potatoes. The sugar beet just didn't have the right PR firm backing it or the license plates would have read "Famous Sugar Beets."

That would have really sucked.

I don't remember eating potatoes growing up anymore than other people. Though fried potatoes and baloney was one of the few dishes my father could cook. And it tasted just about as bad as it sounds.

Potato Calavera was the only design I created today because I was having Artie create Mother's Day Card designs for me. I have been making my own greeting cards for several years now. I just don't see the point in going to Hallmark and buying a card someone else came up with and giving it to someone and hoping they would be impressed by how thoughtful you were to go to all of the trouble of browsing cards and then plunking down several dollars for some pretty lame greeting cards.

Beyond implying that I am cheap, making my own greeting cards shows that I care enough to take the time to make a customize one.

I tell you though, using AI to create them is a whole lot quicker and they look a whole lot better. I just wish Artie could spell worth shit. I for the life of me don't understand how you can give it exactly what you want it to say and it will inevitably drop words or add extra ones. And often I don't notice until I've posted the design on

Apparently knowing how to spell isn't part of the AI algorithm. Oh well, potato, potahto.

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