Thursday, May 30, 2024

Things I'd rather do than think about Trump


Although this design could have been inspired by the thought of hearing anything else about Donald Trump, it was more inspired by those mundane t-shirts like "I'd rather be sailing" or "I'd rather be golfing." So I naturally thought of things people would really not be rather doing like getting a root canal.

Though modern root canals aren't nearly as painful as they were 45 years ago when I had my first one. I swear the endodontist that did mine had moved to the US from Brazil where he relocated after the Third Reich collapsed.  I wouldn't have been surprised if he kept asking me "Is it safe?" after digging around in my tooth.

I don't suppose that means much to most of you. It is a line from the movie "Marathon Man" starring Dustin Hoffman, Laurence Olivier and Roy Scheider. It was released in 1976. Olivier was a dentist and an ex-Nazi who had worked in concentration camps.

I imagine you can guess now why I related it to my root canal.

But speaking of Trump, the bastard was convicted of fraud for lying about having sex with porn star, paying her off before the 2016 to avoid it coming out and embarrassing him. 

Like you could embarrass Trump.

But now he is technically a convicted felony as well as a rapist and crazy as bedbug on crack at a Motel Six in Rock Springs, Wyoming.

The Rock Springs reference is another one that would take way to long to explain.

The important thing to me is that Trump didn't get acquitted and use that in his campaign to try and make everything think he is just a misunderstood narcissist that is out to rule the world. At least not he can just protest that he is innocent and was framed like every other felon in every prison in the world.

On that note I want to throw a bone to any endodontists that I may have offended earlier in this post (I know there are hordes of you reading this).

I figured it wouldn't hurt to pander to the potential endodontist market who just may be shopping for t-shirts to improve their image.

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